Bitter Encounter with Fraudster by Chijioke Okibe

According to Chijioke Okibe who posted the story, he said:

“Good day people. I want to make you aware of the following so that you as well don’t become a victim. Yesterday afternoon l went to First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) ATM at Phoenix Plaza. There was a guy before me. When it was my turn, l noticed a cellphone left behind so l called the guy back to give him his cellphone. His receipt was also still in the slot, so l had to call him back again to hand over the receipt. When l put my card in the slot, it was automatically kicked out. I tried again and punched in my pin. The same thing happened. Then out of nowhere the same man stepped behind me and began punching buttons saying it’s a new upgraded system and has to be constantly refreshed. He began removing and inserting my card again. All this time l was trying to get to my card, l was protesting against his help. He suddenly stepped back so I could resume with my transaction only to realise my card was stolen. It all happened in a space of a few seconds.

I immediately called FBN and asked that my card and linked accounts be blocked. When I called the card division l was assured that the last transaction was my own and no monies were withdrawn. Later on l received an SMS stating that all my funds in my cheque account have been withdrawn and my savings were also transferred into my cheque account and withdrawn leaving me with a balance of N2,500 in my account. I am currently in contact with the fraud department trying to retrieve any funds if possible.

Another victim had a similar experience at Zenith Bank. The guy had left his car keys behind. A plea to you. Please, if you notice that the person before you has left any item at the ATM after using it, step away from that ATM – DO NOT USE IT. If possible notify a security officer.

Had I been aware of this new type of card theft, I would have been more cautious. It’s a very traumatising experience and if possible let’s make others aware.

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