Kill the Killers, Eye for eye and tooth for tooth BY Ijuo Okpe

Udeme Odibi stabbed her husband, Otike Odibi to death on Thursday, May 3, 2018 and this was widely reported in both conventional and social media. Udeme and the victim husband are lawyers. Their marriage was just only three years. Udeme is 47 years, while the husband was 50 years old.

Otike, the husband had dissolved his first marriage which was blessed with three children. It was not reported whether Udeme on the other hand had married before. If it was the first marriage Udeme had, it meant she got married at the age of 44, and it was unlikely she would have children unless by divine intervention.

According to the police report, Udeme had planned to kill the husband and did not hide it from the husband. She even bought new knives from market as if the knives at home were not sharp enough to kill a human being. She confessed during interrogation that she planned to travel out of the country to United Kingdom after murdering the husband.

The victim who is no more alive to tell his own story knew the wife’s plan to kill him. He called a neighbour on the phone and informed him about the threat of the wife to terminate his life. It was also reported that the man called his younger sister on the phone on Wednesday preceding the incident and informed her of the threat of his wife to kill him.

The three year old marriage of the spouse was said to be fraughted with domestic violence. While some newspapers reported that their marital problem bordered on extra-marital affairs, others reported that the problem started when the woman requested the man to write his will to make her the sole beneficiary of his estate and the man refused to do so.

According to the Commissioner of Police (COP), Lagos State, Edgal Imohimi, “The suspect, Udeme Odibi, in her statement confessed to the commission of the alleged crime and called her mother on the phone that she had killed her husband”.

The suspect first hit the husband with a frying pan on his head before using knives to stab him. After killing the husband, “She cut off his private parts and placed them on his hand”.

As a lawyer, the suspect wanted to establish a prima facie case against the husband, so she decided to stab herself in the stomach. The intention of Udeme was to establish that she acted in self-defence, and that it was the deceased who first stabbed her. People who said, she attempted to kill herself, but survived the self-infliction have got it wrong. If Udeme wanted to kill herself, she could have done so since nobody was there to stop her from using the knife on herself. She was afraid of death, but had to slightly inflict minor injuries on herself in order to avoid being arrested and taken to police custody. She wanted to be taken to hospital where she will remain to be given medical attention. She didn’t want to be detained in prison.

Commissioner of Police, Imohimi told the truth when he said the “killing was…premeditated”. The fact that the woman had made arrangements to travel to UK that Thursday through Virgin Atlantic was good evidence against her.

This evil woman should be killed. There are so many of such cases that are not heard of anymore. Take the case of a female lawyer who killed her husband just over a year ago in Ibadan, Oyo State, for instance, she was given light sentencing and today, she is alive. There is no deterrent anymore because there is no justice for the victims and their families.

The penalty for murder is death by hanging. Until execution of the persons sentenced to death by court is carried out, the society will continue to witness this type of heinous crime. Let the killers be killed by the State for appeasement of the victims. It is the duty and responsibility of the State to execute every sentencing and the state should be seen to do that. I, therefore, call for eye for eye and tooth for tooth in all murder cases.

Otike and Udeme as man and wife when the going was smooth.