You cannot expect to go through life without facing challenges. Tough times and frustrations are inevitable which human beings are bound to encounter in their daily endeavours. Accepting this reality will help you to approach life in a robust frame of mind which will change your thinking that you are the only victim, or that you are the only person singled out to go through difficulties in life, either because the world hates you or God does not love you.

Remember the popular saying: “Life is not a bed of roses”. When you are confronted with a problem or multiple of problems, please don’t get agitated or worried. The first thing to do is to relax. Then get your pen and book and write down those things that you consider to be the problems to you. After writing them down, ask yourself whether these are indeed problems. Whether other people have ever encountered such problems or are there people who are at the moment having similar or even worse problems than these?

In analyzing the problems written down as advised, please if you believe in God, present your problems in prayers to God on your knees. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything it is advisable to put God first.

Next, give serious thought to the problem. Do not worry about your problems as worry accomplishes nothing. Tell yourself in your relaxed mood that “every problem is surmountable” therefore, whatever challenges confronting me now is never here to last. See yourself as bigger than those problems. Go into the habit of talking to those problems as if they are human beings, and challenge them of your ability and capacity to conquer them.

Be clear and bold in your thought. Consider those so-call problems as if they are nothing. Think of what to do to solve the problems. But remember as human beings with insatiable wants, we must always have one need or another, so there is nothing like living a problemless life. Only the dead will have no problem.

It is advisable to be objective in examining your problems, and you should do so broadly and carefully, so that you will know the causes and how to tackle them. Please do yourself a favour by eliminating all doubts from your mind. Think only about the solutions and be very positive about how to go about it. Fear not!

Write your problems down and analyze them. Tell yourself what possible way you should handle those problems. You will discover that those challenges you regard as problems are not things that suppose to give you worries after all.

If you have a right-thinking friend, please don’t keep your problems to yourself, but discuss them with him. Allow your friend to make input. Consult also a professional counselor for advice. This will help you to identify the answers to those problems and the result will be that you will be able to make a final decision on how to tackle them. Yes, take an advice and always be ready to be decisive.

You know, procrastination is a thief of time, so not taking prompt decision will compound your problems. In dealing with problems, remember time is of essence. Although some problems can easily be solved, it however does not mean that timely decision in all cases is not required.

I would like to conclude by reminding the reads of this article that “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Aminat Adesope is our Staff writer