Wife of US President gets Commendations, Knocks for commending US Military

Wife of the United States of America President, Mrs. Melania Trump took to her twitter to commend US military for their gallantry in warfare. She twitted as follows:

Thank you to the strong & courageous members of our U.S. military all over the world! Your continued contributions & commitment to the safety of our great nation will never go unnoticed or unappreciated“.

The twit has generated positive and negative comments from American citizens. While some of her followers commended her for appreciating the US military, others took her to the cleaners.

Mona Skelton wrote in reply: “My husband (and I) served in the Navy for 20 years. We love you too Melania”.

Leslee Ann’s reply: “You are a strong and beautiful woman”.

Trumponly replied thus: “We love you, please be patient we all know you the best”.

Don Eliott’s reply: “Thank you for your kind thoughts. It was an honor to serve our country and fight in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Though I am medically retired and permanently and totally disabled as a result of the most toxic war in history, it was totally an honor to serve”.

Those who have not seen anything good in the Melania’s expression of appreciation to the military wrote:

Mike B’s reply: “Really? Thanking the military for keeping the supper-wealthy rich, what is wrong with you?”

Rose wrote: “This was Michelle Obama’s passion. She was passionate about childhood obesity. You should take up  bullying starting with that husband of yours. School bullying is a challenge you should take on”.

Jude’s reply: “Our military? Your military is in Russia”.

Politics apart, US military is one of the best in the world. The world is US and US is the world. Without the US the world will be in perpetual danger, therefore US military deserves commendation.