It is Atiku’s Son’s Wedding and not Atiku’s

This video went viral on the social media with a damaging report that “Atiku Abubakar was in Dubai last Saturday (April 14) where he married another woman, paid $1, 000,000 as dowry on her, see your future Nigerian President”.

Mighty Voice wishes to inform the general public that it was Atiku’s son that got married. Atiku in the video was forced to dance with the son’s wife by the MC of the occasion. The original video is titled: Atiku Abubakar dancing vigorously to “Penalty” by small Doctor at son’s wedding.

“Many Churches rejected Me”: The agony of the afflicted before She was delivered

“Many Churches rejected me and refused to help me because of my difficult situation”.

From Mighty Voice: Jesus came to set the captives free. He has given believers power over demons. Unfortunately almost all Christians fear the devil that Jesus commands that they should not fear. Why should Church reject demon-possessed persons? Where will they go for deliverance? Apostle John Zalvaris is using the power given by God through Jesus Christ to torment the devil and his demons. Church is not a place to rain curses on witches and wizards, neither is it a place to pray against enemies. Pastors busy preaching about money and God’s economic principles are advised to present the gospel of Christ undiluted to people.

Sleeping with dead people for money

‘Wonders shall never seize’ is the popular saying. What is money compared to life? But some people in this world value money more than life. It is the love of money that is the root of all evils in the world from time immemorial. There are armed robbers and they consider no life when they want the victim’s money. Criminals can kill even when the victims cooperate and hand over all their belongings. The woman in the above video is married. She goes at nights to sleep with fresh dead bodies.

The husband who is tired of her behaviuor has taken this matter to the public. From the radio interview aired life, the woman did not deny the allegation. When asked whether she was ready to stop this satanic behaviour, she said no and rather preferred divorce if that was what her husband wanted.

Please take your time to listen to the interview to then end.

The Tribulation Chronicles from Prophecy Update


From the Mighty Voice: This world will not exist forever. Since the first man, Adam and his wife Eve fell into sin of disobedience, God the Owner of the world has decided to destroy it and establish a new world which will be Heaven for the obedient children. That Kingdom will be under the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Jesus told us what must happen in the current world before its imminent destruction. Jesus has advised us to look for the Signs of the End-times written particularly in Matthew 24 and Mark 13. There are other things stated in different Books in the Bible that we are admonished to watch out for that must take place first before the End will come.

Watch the above two Videos and prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.



Crazy Things Some Pastors and Prophets do in the Name of Jesus

Warning From Mighty Voice: Beware of false Christs. Read your Bible and do what you are led by the Holy Spirit who is now our spiritual Teacher. Remember, Jesus says, not every person that says, Lord, Lord is His. There are many Anti-Christs in the House of God professing to be working for God. God is our Father and Jesus has advised us to go to Him in prayer by ourselves. Stop going from place to place seeking for miracles. You are compounding your problems and you will have yourself to blame. No excuse on the day of Judgement. “And these signs shall follow them that believe…” Mark 16:17a. Jesus has given the power to every BELIEVER and not to pastors or prophets. Every believer is qualified to use the power of God. Mighty Voice will continue to publish and share Video like this to warn genuine Christians of the DANGER of putting their trust in so-called men/women of God.

Tears of Joy flow freely at Thanksgiving of the Foursquare Gospel Church

It is good to give thanks to Almighty God. Members of the Foursquare Gospel Church, Ire-Akari Zonal Headquarters, Isolo chose Sunday, February 25, 2018 as the Thanksgiving Day to God.


Singing and dancing, and every person felt the presence of God. Holy is the Lord. God is worthy of praises. It was a Thanksgiving festival replicating the expected Banquet where the rapture believers will be celebrated by Jesus Christ. It was joy galore – the old and the young, and even the little children rejoiced to be part of the living celebrating the Feast. The songs led by Sis. Rita brought down fire from above. And…oh even Satan was seen visibly flee in shame.