Use of Chemical Weapon is a war Crime

God who had handed over the world to man after creation did not mistake. The instruction of God to man is to replenish the world, dominate, subdue and multiply. Man has been given all power over everything in the world. It’s unfortunate that man has allowed devil to have dominion over him.

Today, human beings want to annihilate themselves leaving the world without human habitation. Using a chemical weapon to prosecute any war is a serious war crime. The recent development in Syria where either the government forces or its allied allegedly used a chemical weapon on the people of Syria is unacceptable. Though, Syrian government and its Russian allied have consistently denied the allegation, reports made available have confirmed that a chemical weapon was used in Douma and scores of people died as a result.

We in the Mighty Voice join the other well-meaning peoples of the world to call on the UN not to treat this war crime with levity. The world will be destroyed some day by the owner who is God, but let not men who know not how the world came into existence be the ones to help the owner to destroy it.