Still on bank robbery at Offa, Kwara State that claimed over 30 lives

Watching the CCTV footage of the robbery operation that took place at Offa, Kwara State on Thursday, 5th April, one wondered why some human beings value money so much that the precious lives of fellow human beings mean nothing to them. There is no doubt that many people are desperate to get rich at all costs and by all means, but the pertinent question is: Will they live forever to enjoy the so-called wealth?

CCTV footage of bank robbery operation that left over 30 people dead on Thursday, April 5.

In the video, a woman wearing hijab was walking with her child of about four years into the bank for normal transaction. She passed through the security post and was still going towards the bank when the robbers started to fire gun shots. If the woman and her child were not among the victims, then she must thank God.

From the CCTV footage, robbers started shooting from the main road. They took over the whole area, with three of them taking charge of the entrance to one of the banks. Two people who were about to withdraw money from ATM were lucky to have run out when the robbers began shooting at the ATM gallery. It seemed they were able to escape before some of the robbers assigned to that particular place got there. Robbers blew up ATMs and took all the money loaded in the machines. One of them ran with the money packed into a bag from ATM and put it inside a car that was parked within, while two others took charge of protection of their colleague.

A car and tricycle drove passed the road oblivious of the robbery operation. A young man was also walking along the road not knowing that there was robbery operation going on. There were sporadic shootings and the man was seen trying to run for his life.


Picture of the incident

At the end of the robbery operation, the people officially reported to have died instantly were 17 including seven police. Some unconfirmed final figure of the dead ones was thirty two, while several others were severely wounded. This is the world we love too much. We celebrate the rich not minding the sources of their wealth.